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All of the artwork that I’ve seen has Moses parting the Red Sea, and that’s so poetic to me, but it’s actually the Reed Sea. FYI — Wikipedia listed the final track as “Ric Flair,” yet the advance CD doesn’t include that song. Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is dating folk artist Devendra Banhart, according to various reports.Pictures of the couple kissing and strolling arm-in-arm in New York‘s West Village have appeared on The People magazine website.Devendra Banhart has risen, and with the help of a caffeine injection from Joe’s Coffee, he’s ready to shine.But first we need to stop by a bodega around the corner where they have, by Banhart’s description, the most extraordinary donuts. From there, we swing by Electric Lady Studios where Banhart will have a quick word with his pal Ric Ocasek, then it’s back to his place.

"I get the sense that the next record might be more about the process of that."Banhart's music career began when he was 9, when one of his mother's dresses liberated him to portray an androgynous rock star around the house, singing into combs and brushes.

Many years ago, Devendra Banhart slept nightly on a mattress in a dumpster in New York City.

It was during a bedbug scare, when his neighbors had thrown their beds away, and Banhart was a homeless teenage busker, finding busboy jobs to finish customers' uneaten food. " says Banhart, a singer-songwriter who has put out nine albums, from the cartoon-voiced, herky-jerky "Oh Me Oh My ..." to the soft and contemplative "Ape In Pink Marble," over the past 15 years."I'm lucky it happened when I was relatively young.

With the exception of Hayden Panettiere's recent John Mc Cain campaign commercial, you'd be hard pressed to find a single video where you wouldn't choose "die."Natalie Portman and Devendra Banhart have reportedly split up. Try to contain your shock over this devastating piece of celebrity news.

Things apparently just weren't working out between the pair, who started dating in April. Or should boyfriend Devendra Banhart be honest with his love and tell her to shove it?

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And he jams together styles that don't quite seem to fit, juxtaposing low-key folk and rock 'n' roll with Brazilian samba and bossa nova music and augmenting everything with the koto.

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