Updating madden 09 rosters xbox 360

I was looking at the back of the box on madden 06 and i seen a price tag of 49.99 and i was like, wtf it looks the same as last year with some updates, who cares.

I guarantee they will have an update before the regular season kicks off. I googled this issue and I found this post to see when the updates are coming.The final cuts were made on Saturday, September 5th, but the Chicago Bears roster has NOT been fixed and the roster update button shows that all rosters are up to date now.The roster doesn't even include the undrafted FAs that actually made the team and that Tim Jennings is STILL on the team when he's been cut for a week now.Madden updates their rosters once a week, generally on a Thursday.Beyond that, the last 5-10 roster slots for nearly every team are fluid, particularly right after the 53 man cuts.

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