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As Gjokaj kept showcasing his versatility — one week he was Russian, the next week British, the next week he became co-star Reed Diamond — his Victor seemed to get more and more screentime.Eventually, Victor’s relationship with Dichen Lachman’s Sierra became a key part of the show’s emotional core.Piecing together fragments of her history gives Echo the chance to bring down the cruelly unchaste enterprise; however, the FBI detects the rogue doll, which means the heroine is being tailed by government to use as an entry into the seedy organization.

After the second season finale, the series was cancelled.In this twisted futuristic dystopia, the concept of prostitution is pushed past the brink.Brothels are known as Dollhouses, and clients can do anything they want with the girl they buy. Every task is officially known as a mere engagement, and technology allows the company owners to erase the memories of their so-called dolls.Titled “Previously on Point Dume,” it’s a tongue-in-cheek webseries built around recap clips from a non-existent supernatural soap opera.Gjokaj is one of the producers (and creators and directors and writers) on the project and also co-stars as dreamy gardener Ron.

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Dollhouse is an American science fiction television series created by writer and director Joss Whedon under Mutant Enemy Productions.

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