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Yesterday, online video broadcaster ROO (not rated) announced it would commence distribution of its online video library via Media Really Simple Syndication (aka “RSS”). Roo offers its entire video library for free, employing an advertising model in which it runs 15- and 30- second commercials before displaying the actual video.

This includes distributing over 5,000 titles to Yahoo’s “My Yahoo! Users will be able to simply add ROO’s RSS feeds directly from their My Yahoo! While RSS has become the technology “du jour” for updating text content, this is the first instance we’ve seen video distribution via RSS.

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The entry point you need to use is: So you can even to it with a simple bookmark if your weblog software doesn't allow you to add more ping targets.

Just create that link and drag it to your button bar, bookmarks, favorites, or whatnot.

Like, Technorati, and, and other services, Yahoo's RSS database can be pinged when your blog updates.

This ensures that it will be crawled in a very timely manner.

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